Despite the rain the Spring Classic played on

The Maryland Development Soccer League (MDSL) hosted the 1st Annual Spring Classic in Montgomery County, MD from March 23 – 24, 2024. The event hosted 72 teams with players traveling in from all parts of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. 41 clubs participated and 124 games were played across one grass and the rest turf fields in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.

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U8 Boys Division
In the U-8 division there were many great games with little separating all of the teams. Of the nine games played in this division no game ended with a goal differential more than four goals. In the end, Rockville-Olney Soccer Academy Legends Boys 2016 Red ended up defeating Juventus Academy DC Metro 2016 Boys Academy 4-2 in the final.

U9/10 Boys Division Black 
The 5 team division featured a number of competitive games with One Nation Soccer Club topping the division in what turned out to be a very competitive 2014/15 bracket among 4 of the 5 teams. Goal differential wise the teams were only separated by 6 goals and margins from the play-in game to the finals were only separated by 1 to 2 goals. One Nation SC defeated ASA Kickers 2-0 in the finals. 

U9/10 Boys Division Red 
Similar to the U-9/10 Black Division, the Red Division also didn’t disappoint. Dribbling Impact Little Start 2014/15 topped the group with a record of 3-0 and a 6 goal differential, however, in the end the Luciano Emilio Soccer Academy (LESA) Eternal 2014 Boys would get revenge after their group stage loss to defeat Impact 3-2 in a thrilling final. 

U-10 Girls Division
The U-10 Girls Division only featured 4 teams, but it was one of the most competitive divisions among the entire tournament. The teams weren’t separated by much in the group stage with the 1st place team on 5 points and the 4th place team on 3 points. In the end, the Pasadena SC Girls 2014 team would take the crown defeating Lee Mount Vernon SC Girls White 3-0 in the final. The day prior the two teams played to a 3-3 tie. 

U11 Boys Black Division
The U-11 Boys Black Division featured some great games with Epic SC 2013B Thunder Black winning in the finals 6-2 vs. MOCO 1776 Futbol Club U-11. In this division, the top two teams advanced after playing both teams in their bracket and one game across brackets. With both teams on 6 points, a 4 goal differential separated Epic SC and ROSA Legends 2013 White in Bracket A.  

U11 Boys Red Division 
The Takoma Park SC Sharks dominated this 6 team division scoring a total of 11 goals and conceding 0 in the group stage. Their final was no different as they scored 6 more goals to defeat Greater Severna Park Black 2013, 6-0. 

U11 Girls Division 
This 4 team division featured some competitive games, but in the end Braddock Road Youth Club (BRYC) Composite made of players within the 2013 age group in the club would win home the trophy after a 3-0 win against City SC Frederick City. 

U12 Boys Black Division 
Pasadena SC Dynamo Dena 12B dominated this division winning all 3 of its games in the group stage scoring 16 goals and conceding 0. In the Final their dominance in the group stage carried over as they defeated Brazilian United Soccer Academy ‘12 Blue by a score of 8-0 to win the Classic. 

U12 Boys Red Division 
This 5 team division featured a number of exciting games in the group stage that were indicative of the final. MOCO 1776 Futbol Club U-12 won the division in a very tight 2-1 game against City SC Frederick City 12 Classic Boys. 

U13 Boys Division
The U-13 Boys featured some great group stage matches. Aside from the first game of the division, the remaining 8 games were decided by 4 goals or less with 3 games decided by 1 goal. In the end after a thrilling 1-1 draw in regulation, DCXI Boys 2011 would eventually defeat A3 Soccer Norwich 5-3 in PKs. An exciting ending to an exciting bracket. 

U-13/14 Girls Division
This 5 team bracket was the most competitive bracket in the entire tournament. Every game finished with a goal differential of 2 or less as all of the teams in this division were evenly matched. Eventually DC Football Club 2010/11 would eventually win the trophy with a 3-1 win over Bayshore Soccer Club Wave. This was the team’s very first tournament. 

U-14 Boys Black Division
The top 2 teams in this bracket were separated by a mere 2 goal differential as both finished the group with 7 points. Sunday morning Dribbling Impact Premier 2011B and Epic SC 2010b Steele played to a 0-0 draw. Later that day, they would settle the score in the final. Without much separating the two, the game finished 1-1 in regulation and the teams had to settle the score in PKs. Dribbling Impact would eventually win in PKs to win the crown. 

U-14 Boys Red Division
This division featured 4 teams including two from West Virginia and D.C. Aside from 1 game, the other 6 games finished with a goal differential of less than 4. In the end FC Frederick 10B Royal II won an exciting final vs. Aspen Hill SC, 3-2.

U-15/16 Boys Division
This division was set-up a little differently than the rest of the divisions due to the division featuring 7 teams. So each team played 4 games and it all came down to the 4th game to determine who would top the group. In the end, Severna Park 08 Black would top the group with 10 points. We had to wait until the evening to see who would finish 2nd and Northern Elite Soccer Club 2008 blue would take the spot. 

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