The Maryland Developmental Soccer League (MDSL) provides U-6 – U-15 teams the opportunity to continue their development in a non-stressed but competitive environment. We offer a league for all boys teams, all girls teams, and co-ed teams, however, this is all contingent upon the number of teams registered. Sometimes we may need to consolidate genders and grades.

Our league is a transition between recreation to competitive also known as classic level soccer for players and clubs from the Maryland, DC, Virginia region. However, during the winter and summer seasons, we may offer a competitive bracket. At the classic level, the ideal player who registers for our league enjoys playing soccer, but is not quite yet ready to play competitively because he or she may not be dribbling, passing, scoring, or defending effectively as yet.

The ideal team who joins our league is a team who is not quite yet passing the ball effectively or spreading out as well as a competitive team would. Many of our member clubs utilize the MDSL as an instructional league to help teams learn how to play the right way. No scores are kept until U-11 and clubs with 2nd (B team) and 3rd (C team) teams in an age group are the ideal team for our league. The goal of our league is to help these teams to eventually transition to the higher level leagues in the MD, DC, VA area.

2022/23 Fall and Spring League Format

The MDSL is separated by age groups. Each group has specific field dimensions and formatting.

U-6/7 – 4 v 4 w/o Goalkeepers (Four – 12 minute quarters)

U-8 – 5 v 5 w Goalkeepers (Four – 12 minute quarters)

U-9 – U-12 – 7 v 7 w/Goalkeepers (Two – 25 minute halves)

2023 Winter (Futsal) and Summer (Soccer) League Format

U-6/7 – 3 v 3 w/o Goalkeepers (Four 10 minute quarters)

U-8 – U-12 – 5 v 5 w/Goalkeepers (25 minute halves)

Registering the players for the League

Registering for the league will depend on whether or not your players are registered in the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association system. Most clubs who register for the MDSL are also affiliated with MSYSA, so they will just need to send their rosters to info@mdslsoccer.com prior to the start of the league season.

For those teams who may be coming from another program where each player paid individually to participate in that league, you will need to register with the MDSL as the league is affiliated with MSYSA. In addition to your team fee, each player will need to pay $7.75 for the year to be affiliated. This includes player insurance through the league. You will receive additional information on registering your players with the league once your team(s) has registered.

MDSL Recruiting Policy

We have a strict ZERO recruiting policy, and all clubs who become a member of the MDSL must sign off on a waiver prior to joining the league. During the spring and fall seasons, all players are required to be carded with their club’s state associations and if a player chooses to transfer from one member club in the league to another, then the club where the player transferring to and from, must sign a transfer form. This is to ensure that the league holds each club accountable. If there is a member of a club who is not apart of the MDSL and who attends the league’s games to recruit, that member and club will be reported to their state’s association.

To register for the spring or fall seasons, click here.

2023 Summer League

The 2023 MDSL Summer League will run from June 27th – August 10th. The league break during the 4th of July week. The league is open to individual players and teams between U-10 – U-17. The league’s games are held during the week at Montgomery County, MD Parks and Recreation fields on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. The goal of the league is to provide players the opportunity to play freely and enjoy their soccer. We ask that coaches provide minimal instruction to the players and games will be in a 7 v 7, 9 v 9, and 11 v 11 format depending on the age group.

To register for the summer league season, click here.

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