MDSL to offer 3 v 3 Live tournament July 15th

The Maryland Developmental Soccer League (MDSL) is excited to announce that we will be part of the 3 v 3 Live tournament series on July 15th at the Sandy Spring Friends School. 3 v 3 Live is a Utah based company that has been offering 3 v 3 soccer tournaments for independent and club teams since 1996. According to the tournament’s website, the tournament offers more than 190 successful soccer tournaments annually throughout the United States, with Championships held in December in Florida.

The 3 v 3 Live collaboration is the first time that the MDSL has partnered with a tournament organization and according to Acting Commissioner Justin Reid, he felt that now was a great time for the league to form a partnership to help boost both the league’s footprint and 3 v 3 Live’s reach in the D.C., MD, VA area. “3 v 3 Live is a tournament series that I am personally familiar with having utilized their series when I ran the QuickFeet Soccer Club between 2009-2013. We hosted one in Prince George’s County for two years and it was a great success. Offering 3 v 3 tournaments locally saves families on having to travel outside of the area to participate in small-sided tournaments and it also encourages the kids to play alot during the summer. So with our league, we are excited to bring this series to Montgomery County and we can’t wait to continue to offer teams more affordable soccer opportunities. From the clubs in our league alone, we are confident that we will be able to field 15-20 teams to be part of the 3 v 3 Live series.”

So the MDSL and 3 v 3 Live encourages teams to come join us on 7/15/23 for a great day of soccer!

3v3 soccer is one of the best training tools available for players to improve their skills and love of the game. Played on a smaller field with no keepers, 3v3 soccer is high scoring, fast moving, and each player touches the ball constantly. In a one-day tournament most players will have more touches on the ball and in-game decisions than in an entire season of full-sided play! This helps players make quicker choices and promotes an understanding of how to play within the 3-player game. This directly helps each player move to the full-sided 11v11 game with confidence and an understanding of how to play in combination with the 2 players closest to them on the field.

Anybody can play or coach a team, so grab a few friends and come out for a day of fast paced soccer fun! 3 v3 Live is open to players from U-5 to Adult and just a great way to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer.

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