MDSL Tournament Check-in

All Teams MUST submit their check-in forms as PDF’s into Gotsport no later than the check-in date. No other file types (e.g., JPEG, GIF) will be accepted.

The following documents must be submitted:

  • Official Roster including Guest Players written (this is your Official MSYSA or other State Governing Body or US Club Roster).
  • Player Passes including Guest Player Passes (this is your Official MSYSA or other State Governing Body or US Club passes).
  • Note – If you do not have an official state approved roster and player cards, then you will need to register with SAY Soccer. Contact Brian Begley
  • Permission to Travel (if required).

How to Print Official Roster and Player Passes (if your state uses Gotsport for state registration)

  1. Log into Got Sport
  2. Click on “Team Management”
  3. Click on the name of the team you would like to access
  4. Click on “Team Registrations”
  5. Look for the Event you have created your state roster, for MSYSA teams it could have MSYSA in the event description.
  6. To the right of this, click on “Rosters”
  7. Look for the “Documents and IDs” tab, just above where the players are listed
  8. You can click “ID Cards” and “Roster PDF” to get the official roster and player passes

Uploading Instructions:

  1. Log into your team Gotsport account
  2. Click on the Team Management tab
  3. Click on your team name
  4. Click on Team Registrations tab
  5. Click on the MDSL event that you signed up for.
  6. Click on the Registration tab.
  7. Next to the text that says “Registration Form Answers” there is an edit button, click that.
  8. Now you should have access to upload documents. This may be birth certificates, MDSL rosters, state-approved rosters, or state-approved player passes. Each MDSL event requires different documentation.

Once all documents have been uploaded, they will be approved and your official tournament roster will be stamped and will be uploaded back in the same area you uploaded your documents.  Please print this approved roster and bring to every game with the player passes, medical release forms (these are the medical release forms you already have in possession for your team, there is NO special tournament medical release).

NO changes allowed after the check-in deadline.

All questions regarding check-in may be emailed to