Maryland Developmental Soccer League launches pilot program

The Maryland Developmental Soccer League (MDSL) kicked off its pilot program today to offer 6-8 year old recreational level players the opportunity to play vs. other clubs. The purpose of the MDSL U-6- U-8 league is to give the game back to the players. As parents, we want our kids to be and do the best, but what oftentimes happens is that parents place too much pressure on their child to succeed, when they aren’t ready to be successful. What makes the MDSL different to its competitors is that our league is looked at as a community. Coaches on the opposite bench have the free reign to assist a player if he or she is struggling to understand the rules of the game. In the spring of 2022, the league will just be a pilot season for the clubs to iron out the pros and the cons of the league and how to make it better.

Game formations will vary from week to week as the MDSL continues to figure out what rules are best suited for player development during its pilot season. When a team takes a goal kick, there will be a build out line that will allow the team who is taking the goal kick to dribble or pass out of the back. The end goal of this build outline is to teach the players how to play from the back and not just kick the ball forward. In the 4 v 4 formation, Goalkeepers will also be used. At a young age, it is important that all of the kids learn how to goalkeep just in case they have to jump into the goal to assist a full time goalkeeper. In addition, teaching them how to goalkeep at a young age can also be beneficial to introducing a future full-time goalkeeper to the position. 

The MDSL kicks off today with Sandy Spring SC, Aspen Hill SC fields 2 teams, and ESYDA all playing in back-to-back games.